Polymetros - A collaborative interactive musical experience
Year: 2012-...

Stage of development: Ongoing research project

What is Polymetros?
Polymetros is an interactive, collaborative music system that enables a group of people to play, improvise and compose music together on the fly. Via their own instrument each player can contribute individually to a collaborative musical creation. Designed as an audience experience for festivals, museums and public workshops it allows visitors to walk up and playing music together as an immediate enjoyable group activity.

Polymetros played by visitors at the V&A Museum, London

Polymetros is part of a research project that investigates concepts and design strategies for collaborative interactive music systems that reach out to broad audiences and aim to foster public creativity and collaboration.

Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) , London
Design Can Chance!, OCT Loft , Shenzhen, China
Sonar 2013, Barcelona, Spain
Yang Gallery, Beijing, China

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Polymetros is part of my research in the Interactional Sound and Music Group at the Centre for Digital Music, Queen Mary University of London.